Let’s talk good postpartum hygiene. Good hygiene is important for pain and comfort reasons, but also needed for wound healing and to prevent infection. This is exactly how I teach my postpartum moms to do peri-care.


Use a peri bottle to clean your vaginal area during early postpartum. Gentle water pressure. Tears & stitches are so common and you need to protect the healing. Allow to dry. You can pat dry with toilet paper, but don’t wipe. If you’re swollen and inflamed from delivery or stitches, avoiding a towel or toilet paper is a good idea.


Cool & Soothe

Use a cooling spray like dermaplast, then take your pad, or padsicle – place three tucks on top of the pad (like you’re making a sandwich). If you have hemorrhoids, take a single tucks apply hemorrhoid cream to the pad and put it right on your hemorrhoids. Change your pad frequently to keep a clean, healthy & healing environment.


Grab a pair of mesh postpartum underwear – they’re breathable, stretchy and soft.

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