OBGYN Swears by This Product for Morning Sickness

OBGYN Swears by This Product for Morning Sickness

Dr. Shannon Clark, an OBGYN in Texas, is helping pregnant women battle the awful pregnancy symptom: nausea. In a TikTok video , she explained that adding one or two tablespoons of the Dynamic Health Certified Organic Ginger Juice to 64 ounces of water every day curbed her feelings of discomfort, while also keeping her well hydrated. It’s cheap and you can buy it on Amazon.

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Clark tells her fans, “When I was pregnant with my twins, not only could I not stand the taste of water . . . but I also had continuous nausea – not really any vomiting – but all-day, all-night nausea,” she says. “We know that ginger has some beneficial effects in reducing nausea, not vomiting, but nausea in pregnancy.”

“I sipped on this all day and I had the constant taste of ginger which really did help my nausea,” said Dr. Clark.

Check the price and availability here.

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