Postpartum Care Kit Checklist and Essentials

Postpartum care package for moms

Giving birth is one of the best experiences you will ever have, but let’s face it things can get pretty messy and uncomfortable in the postpartum weeks that follow. The good news is, things do go back to normal.  Usually you’ll feel better down there in a week, but it does take a good 6 weeks for a complete recovery.  This postpartum care package list is essential for after birth

I’ve been taking care of postpartum moms for a while and this postpartum care package checklist is all you’ll need after delivery. I recommend all of these items to my patients – and we use these specific items at my hospital.

Make sure to ask the nurse for extras to take home with you. Also, check out my Hospital packing for labor and delivery post to make sure you’re well prepared for the hospital.

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