OBGYN Swears by This Product for Morning Sickness

Dr. Shannon Clark, an OBGYN in Texas, is helping pregnant women battle the awful pregnancy symptom: nausea. In a TikTok video , she explained that adding one or two tablespoons of the Dynamic Health Certified Organic Ginger Juice to 64 ounces of water every day curbed her feelings of discomfort, while also keeping her well … Read more

Spectra S1 vs S2 Breast Pump Comparison

Spectra Breast Pumps S1 vs S2 Buying a breast pump is not an easy task, it can take hours to research which pump to get. To make things easier we’ve done the groundwork for you. Spectra offers two high performing breast pumps for exclusively pumping – the S1 and the S2.  If you’re curious (or … Read more