Breast Milk – is my baby getting enough?

A common concern I hear all the time from new mothers is whether their baby is getting enough to eat.  The majority of the time is yes!  Many new moms think they do not have enough milk and in most cases they are producing enough.  A baby’s stomach is very small at birth (the size of a grape) and does not need much to fill up.  As your baby’s stomach grows, he or she wants to eat more, which stimulates milk production.

For the first few days, your breasts will be making colostrum for your baby. This first milk is thick and sticky, but very nutritious and important for baby’s immune system.

With frequent nursing over the first few days, your body will transition from the super-rich colostrum to mature milk to match your baby’s changing needs. Your baby will continue to nurse often and start to gain weight.  Below are 4 Signs Your Newborn Is Getting Enough Breast Milk.

At least 8 feedings in 24 hrs

This frequent nursing in the early days helps to signal your breasts to make plenty of milk for your baby.

Enough wet and dirty diapers for their age

Baby may not pass much urine at first, but this increases each day. By day two look for two wet diapers  over 24 hours, days three and four look for three or more wet diapers each 24 hours. By the time your baby is five days old, wet diapers should be more frequent, usually six or more over  24 hours.

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Baby’s stools transition to yellow with a loose and seedy texture by day five. Baby should have 3-4 stools every day by four days of age.

Active and alert with a strong cry

Your baby should be alert and active when awake, with a strong cry.

Content after feeding

Baby seems content and happy after a feed, releasing the breast on their own. Their hands may be in fists before feeding, they will then often relax and open.

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4 signs newborn is getting enough breast milk